May 262017
This is Part Two in our series about the webinar "Race and Place Matter: Head Start and CCDBG Access by Race, Ethnicity and Location." In Part One, we examined the first of three studies exp [...]
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May 172017
At The Gravely Group, we try to tackle questions that come from across the United States with a systematic approach that can assist all of our clients. However, there is one question that keeps bombarding us wh [...]
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May 142017
A couple weeks ago, I listened to a powerful webinar called "Race and Place Matter: Head Start and CCDBG Access by Race, Ethnicity, and Location." According to its description, this webinar "examines nei [...]
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Apr 272017
Each organization should decide what is needed to be able to function well. Bylaws need to be impartial, that is, fair to all. Members play an important role in determining what the document contains; and they mus [...]
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Apr 182017
This month on the blog, we've been talking about Staff Appreciation, and the importance of making it an ongoing activity weaved into your day-to-day tasks. On that note, we've put together a few ways to show you [...]
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Apr 142017
Self-care isn’t a one-time deal or a one-sized approach. Are you rolling your eyes? Do you think you don’t have time for this? Then you need to read this and start figuring out how to take care of yourself. [...]
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Apr 92017
So nobody really talks about it. We speak about big data, family engagement and school readiness all the time. We write memos about it and have meetings and trainings. Are we forgetting there is something e [...]
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Apr 22017
While the New Head Start Performance Standards are not brief, they are somewhat lighter than the old. The numbers of the standard have been reorganized with many standards removed, to reduce the bureaucratic burd [...]
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Mar 242017
Stark County Community Action Agency in Canton, Ohio has been a client of The Gravely Group for many years. I've given several trainings and have aided the agency in a variety of initiatives, from incr [...]
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Mar 142017
A blog I follow frequently is from BourceSource, which describes itself as "a national organization working to strengthen nonprofit board leadership." Recently, the President & CEO, Anne Wallestad, penned a [...]
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Mar 72017
It is up to us to get parents to volunteer. That said, there are many reasons parents might not volunteer. They may not have the time, resources, or are simply too tired after a hard day's work. Other [...]
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Feb 272017
Engaging families goes beyond having a big welcome sign on the door. How welcoming is your program? Do you know what issues are families facing? Are there staff assumptions regarding parents? Are famili [...]
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Feb 212017
In December 2016, the National Institute for Early Education Research (NIEER) at Rutgers, studied differences in Head Start quality between states. What the researchers found were wide differences in pr [...]
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Feb 152017
Parent Participation is Essential The skill to manage ideas and motivate people to action is perhaps the most critical asset to any Head Start program. As we know, parent participation is essential to successfu [...]
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Feb 122017
I recently posted the following message on LinkedIn with some suggestions for working with parents in your program. Make sure to follow The Gravely Group on LinkedIn for more updates. SUPPORTING PAR [...]
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