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Green Lamp, Inc
Kinston, NC

This training has been very valuable for our policy council chair and our other members, as they actually see a better overview of what is involved in being on the Policy Council. They also get to see more of the Board and the other staff and how they integrate into this wonderful system of Head Start/Early Head Start. Mr. Gravely is really good at engaging our parents and our boards into talking about what they need to know and what they haven’t learned at this point in their careers with Head Start.”

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Stark County Community Action Agency
Canton, OH

As a former board member serving as Vice Chair of the Stark County Community Action Agency, I understand the importance of knowing Head Start policies and procedures. At the same time, I know that parent involvement is ESSENTIAL to the total Head Start operation. The Gravely Group provides sound, regulation-based training that helps programs thrive and achieve operational goals and objectives. With training provided by the Gravely Group, any organization will be equipped to satisfy Head Start requirements and provide youth with the fundamental skills and knowledge base they need to be successful.

North Carolina Community Action Association

You made our most recent board retreat a hit by providing timely and impactful information that we must use to effectively govern. Also, I wou ld like to thank you for providing training over the past years at our annual conferences. Your leader definitely contributes to the growth of our association as we strive to meet the needs of our low income and disadvantaged citizens throughout North Carolina. Read more »

North Carolina Community Action Association

Please know I value your leadership and respect the work you do not just here in North Carolina, but across the country. Your training, conversations and contributions are invaluable as the North Carolina Community Action Association carries out its mission of empowering agencies to help communities thrive. Read more »

Gulf Coast Community Services Association

Mere words inadequately describe the depth and breadth of appreciation to you for facilitating yet another amazing annual training for the GCCSA Governing Body. With over 45 in attendance, your compassion, competence, and creative approach to fostering a learning environment that was engagingly relevant, sustained the entire team throughout the duration. Read more »

Long Island Head Start

Since I have been a member of the board of Long Island Head Start, I must have attending more than five shared governance trainings. I have never left one of them feeling the way I did this past week. So many pieces of the puzzle seemed to fall into place. I never appreciated the connection to the policy council and the parent committees. We have all resolved to work together and communicate on a regular basis. Read more »

Lima Allen Council on Community Affairs

It is my pleasure to write this letter of reference for you based on the most recent training that you conducted in the Lima community. Your expertise in parliamentary procedure is only exceeded by your ability to explain the rules in a way that laymen and women can understand. I have benefited from your training in the past and when I was asked by our LACCA board to provide training to the officers, I know that many more in the community would also benefit from the training. So we offered this training community-wide and it was well received. Read more »

Tolowa Dee-ni’ Nation Howonquet Early Learning Program

I enthusiastically offer this letter of support in recommendation of The Gravely Group. I recently attended the National Indian Head Start Director’s Conference in Sacramento, California. Two of my co-worker’s attended a training conducted by The Gravely Group. They shared with our team how inspired they were about the impact of the workshop. They could not stop talking about what they had learned. Consequently, I decided to attend two of their workshops the following day. Both sessions exceeded my expectations. Read more »

YWCA Early Head Start
Baton Rouge, LA

Let me first say, Mr. Gravely, you have a diamond in the rough! Ms. Dobbs presented an ERSEA Training to our Content Area Managers and Family Services Team like none other. She took us through our own ERSEA Policies and Procedures ensuring that all of our staff understood that ERSEA is everybody’s business. This was a light bulb moment for some of our staff. Once she made sure the lights were on, she carefully guided us through our own desires for our EHS program with clear strategic goals. The amount of creativity that sparked from this ERSEA training amazed me and left us all MOTIVATED & ENCOURAGED to fight for what we ultimately all are striving for—- to provide more quality services to more children in Baton Rouge. We certainly look forward to our future consults with Ms. Yvette Dobbs and the Gravely Group.