FAQs About Head Start Program Governance

Can a staff member serve as a consultant to a governing body?
Can an individual who has a relative who is employed by the Head Start agency serve as a member of the governing body?
If a current staff person applies for a vacant position within the program and this is considered to be a lateral transfer or promotion, and the staff person is determined to be the successful candidate, is Policy Council approval necessary?
How many terms can the President of the governing body serve?
Who has the responsibility for training the Policy Council/Committee?
How can a Head Start program hire an individual in an emergency situation during which it is not possible to first obtain Policy Council approval?
Can a Head Start Director terminate staff without getting an approval from the Policy Council or the Board?
Can a staff member of a Head Start Agency serve as a member of a governing body?
Can Head Start parents who are also staff serve on policy groups as voters?
What individual or group determines the composition of the Policy Council/Committee and the method of selecting representatives of the community?
Can a grantee or delegate agency place representatives of the community, including agency governing body members, on Head Start policy groups without approval of elected parent members of the group?
How long after the beginning of the operational year does a grantee/delegate agency have to establish a Policy Council/Committee?
Who should be involved in the policy group?
What is the limitation on the term of membership on a Head Start Policy Council/Committee, and why are there limits?
Can parents be required to participate or volunteer in Head Start?
Can a policy group delegate its responsibility to approve or disapprove the hiring or termination of Head Start staff, including the Head Start director, to one of its own committees or to any other body of individuals?
What is a new grantee/delegate agency’s role in hiring staff?
Can grandparents of a Head Start child serve on policy groups if they are not the child’s legal guardians?
How should parents be included in the planning process of the local Head Start program?
What is an impasse?
What should the content of child abuse training for Head Start staff include ? Who should conduct the training?
Can a Head Start center change its hours without parents’ input?
Are Head Staff agencies at will to develop employee polices and producers or are there standard/guidelines that must be followed?
May a governing body form an advisory committee (or sub-board)to oversee responsibilities related to program governance?