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The Gravely Group is an experienced national consulting firm that provides innovative technical assistance for board, program professionals and parents of Head Start agencies across the country.


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The Gravely Group training follows a three step strategy that always includes professional objectives, specialized content support, and proactive exercises.

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Our team has decades of familiarity in Head Start programming, board support and leadership. The Gravely Group will customize your training needs to your specific Head Start program or Board of Directors' prerequisites.

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The Gravely Group Head Start Clients

The Gravely Group has provided services to more than 100 Early/Head Start programs and presented at dozens of regional, state, and national conferences.

Green Lamp, Inc
Kinston, NC
This training has been very valuable for our policy council chair and our other members, as they actually see a better overview of what is involved in being on the Policy Council. They also get to see more of the Board and the other staff and how they integrate into this wonderful system of Head Start/Early Head Start. Mr. Gravely is really good at engaging our parents and our boards into talking about what they need to know and what they haven’t learned at this point in their careers with Head Start. Read More
Stark County Community Action Agency
Canton, OH
As a former board member serving as Vice Chair of the Stark County Community Action Agency, I understand the importance of knowing Head Start policies and procedures. At the same time, I know that parent involvement is ESSENTIAL to the total Head Start operation. The Gravely Group provides sound, regulation-based training that helps programs thrive and achieve operational goals and objectives. With training provided by the Gravely Group, any organization will be equipped to satisfy Head Start requirements and provide youth with the fundamental skills and knowledge base they need to be successful. Read More
North Carolina Community Action Association
City, NC
You made our most recent board retreat a hit by providing timely and impactful information that we must use to effectively govern. Also, I wou ld like to thank you for providing training over the past years at our annual conferences. Your leader definitely contributes to the growth of our association as we strive to meet the needs of our low income and disadvantaged citizens throughout North Carolina. Read More

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Our mission is to provide exceptional guidance to ensure excellent Early Head Start and Head Start programs, whether you hire us or not.

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