Knowledge Management Consulting

What is Knowledge Management?

For Head Start Agencies

Knowledge Management (KM) describes the process of gathering, classifying, analyzing and sharing information so that a Head Start organization can collectively pursue its objectives efficiently.

There are many definitions of Knowledge Management. Perhaps the simplest definition is “sharing what we know with others.” The Gravely Group provides several topics in KM with the emphasis on ensuring Head Start programs provide high quality programming. KM is tied to the strategic objectives of the Head Start organization. It uses only the information that is the most meaningful, practical, and purposeful. Knowledge Management draws upon shared expertise, relationships, and alliances. The Gravely Group can further the two-way exchange of ideas by bringing in experts from the field to advise or educate Head Start personnel on the most up-to-date trends and developments.

Some of the benefits of Knowledge Management include:

  • More informed decisions for Head Start Programs
  • Contributes to the intellectual capital of Head Start
  • Elimination of unnecessary procedures and enhances employee retention rates
  • Speeds the learning curve for new Head Start personnel
  • Improved family services and effectiveness

We invite you to explore our site and experience our various Knowledge Management trainings for management, staff and policy council members. To learn more about how The Gravely Group can help your Head Start program, please contact us.