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Mel Gravely

16 Cheap and Easy Ways to Show Staff Appreciation in Head Start

This month on the blog, we’ve been talking about Staff Appreciation, and the importance of making it an ongoing activity weaved into your day-to-day tasks. On that note, we’ve put together a few ways to show your fellow coworkers that they are appreciated throughout the year.

Have more suggestions? Leave them in the comments below!

1. One lucky staff member gets lunch with the director or the board. No work talk, just get to know what your staff member is like.

2. Act of service Auction-This is great for a party. Each staff member “donates” a service, and everyone gets to pick something.

3. Themed lunch party. Many places have great party décor for cheap. Or just create your own!

4. Have a potluck lunch or dinner. Food sets the mood.

5. Host a thank you meeting. This is only to talk about the good work of your staff.

6. Have a VIP parking spot for a special staff member of the month.

7. Mail a hand-written card to your staff. This is a touching gesture.

8. Hand out coupons for time off.

9. Bring a breakfast treat, homemade or store bought.

10. Arrange an off campus outing or training. How about a training in a nearby science museum?

11. At your health fair, share information with staff too.

12. Show staff, and tell them that you trust them. Fake it until you make it.

13. Cross training – Let staff observe each other, or colleagues at another Early/Head Start. This is an amazing experience.

14. Scratch-off lottery tickets are fun and easy.

15. Surprise someone truly deserving with a standing ovation. Gather all staff, and call in the person for a surprise.

16. Share a great comic, funny video or joke.


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