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Mel Gravely

5 Must Haves for Head Start Children Summer Fun

summer_funAs the school year nears the end, The Gravely Group wishes you a great summer. Here are some wonderful ideas for children to keep them busy and engaged during the summer months.

5 must haves for Head Start Children Summer fun!

Water: Whether it is at a pool, beach, or a sprinkler-water is a big part of summer. Water can be more than just keeping cool. Here are some ways to use water play with your preschoolers: paint with water on the sidewalk, create a backyard sprinkler park, transfer water between various types of containers, and more.

Mud: I know, I know mud is messy! That’s what is so much fun about it! Set aside appropriate muddy areas for you and your child to explore. Make mud pies, and make mud prints.

Chalk: There are unlimited amount of activities to do with chalk! Decorate the sidewalk with unique designs, and turn your walkway into a hopscotch game. Most Dollar Stores sell chalk for a dollar in a great bucket!

Clip, paste and write about your family adventures: A family vacation is a perfect opportunity to create a trip scrapbook that will be a lasting souvenir of family adventures. Collect postcards, brochures and menus from restaurants and tourist attractions. Encourage your child to tell of the places you visited and about your family’s escapades.

Love your local library (and librarian!): It’s a wonderful place to promote the love of reading, and the librarian can suggest preschool as well as pure recreational books that will keep your kid’s neurons clicking!


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