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Mel Gravely

5 Reasons for Good Board Development and Training

The most effective organizations invest in their boards, and encourage continual learning in the boardroom. But why board training? The Gravely Group works with a diverse range of clients in the early learning industry. Here are five reasons we feel it’s important to have good board development and training.

It helps build the board

Time and again our clients tell us that the real benefit of board learning and development is that it helps them gel as a team. Often the board has little time in board meetings to get to know each other, as everyone is focused on the job at hand. Taking time out for board development allows board members to interact in a less structured environment, and the resulting relationships are more resilient when the going gets tough.

It shows that the organization values continual learning

The culture of an early learning organization is set by the board, and permeates throughout the organization. By investing in board development, a clear signal is sent that the organization values continual learning. This will encourage staff to continuously learn and develop, creating a vibrant learning organization that will be the envy of competitors.

It builds trust

Boards that spend time in reflective and learning mode tend to communicate in more depth and do more straight talking with each other on the topics that really matter. By doing that, they develop a level of trust that enhances board team performance.

It gives a competitive advantage

Leading on from research on the links between learning and development and innovation and performance, we can also infer that learning and development opportunities offer competitive advantages in the form of both improved processes, and also an increased likelihood of new products or services to meet families’ demands.

It helps keep the organization safe and legal

We live in an ever-changing early learning world. If the board is to ensure that the organization is kept safe and legal, it must be conversant with changes in regulation, legislation and the operating environment. Boards should be given regular updates on such changes, and should consider how they affect the organization and what actions are needed.

The Gravely Group are strong advocates for investment in the learning and development of board members. Ensure your agency is ready for the new program year, train your board.


  1. Dena Davis says:

    Mr. Gravely,
    I just wanted to thank you for all the great information you provide to Head Start programs. Your messages are so timely and useful. One day we will get around to having you come to our program in Charleston, SC.

    Wishing you Happy Holidays! Peace, and joy.

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