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Mel Gravely

Six Productive Activities Parents Can Do with their Children over Summer Break

summer_funAs the school year nears the end, The Gravely Group wishes you a productive summer. While your families prepare to leave for the summer, here are some activities parents and other adults can do with young children:

Read: Parents should try to read to their child every day. Children improve more quickly when an adult asks questions about the material. Also, set an example and make sure the child sees you reading.

On the road: Play “I Spy” with road signs for numbers, colors and shapes. Ask older children to estimate and calculate the travel time to a destination.

Get outdoors: Take your child to parks and trails for walks or to ride bicycles, or plant a garden or flowers together. Spend time before the outing to gather information and ask them about the plants and wildlife they encounter.

In your city: Take trips to the museum or other cultural amenities during free admission days. Find free or inexpensive camps through your city’s parks and recreation department, school or other groups.

Volunteer: Ask a friend or relative to host your child at his or her work place for couple of hours, or take your child to pick up litter or volunteer at a soup kitchen or senior center.

In the kitchen: Allow your child to help out by measuring ingredients and count out the correct amount of nuts or raisins in a cookie. Practice recognizing colors by fruits and vegetables identification. While planning and cook meals together, tell stories and reflect upon fun times.

We appreciate your participation with The Gravely Group. Please remember our motto during the summer months:

Tell Me and I Forget,
Teach Me and I Remember,
Involve Me and I Will Understand
– Benjamin Franklin

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