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Mel Gravely

A Letter to My Mother on Mother’s Day

As Mother’s Day approaches we at The Gravely Group asked Mr. Gravely about his experience growing up. Even until 2014, Mr. Gravely’s mother was living and a very important part of his life. This week he pays homage to his mother and all the things she taught him…

“So many children grow up without the love and care you gave to me. I wish I could share even a small percentage of the unconditional love you’ve given me with people. I believe everyone deserves a mother’s love. Having someone day-in and day-out to support you and listen to you is one of life’s most incredible gifts. As a mother, you had what seems to be an infinite number of hats to wear. You were the guardian, the best friend, the provider, the teacher… The list can go on and on.

“You were always proud of my accomplishments and accepting of my failures. You never let me give up on my dreams, no matter what obstacles were in my way. You always believed in me, even when there were times I didn’t even believe in myself.

“There’s a difference between simply telling someone he is capable of anything and truly meaning it. You were my supporter and my rock. You were the first person I’d go to with good news to celebrate, and the first person I’d go to when times are difficult and need reassurance.

“I hope you looked at the man I became and were proud. Yes, there are other people to thank that taught me life lessons and how to conduct myself, but you were the first one. I hope you never doubted that you didn’t do enough for me or had a single ounce of regret. You were more than I could have asked for in a mother. You were the caped caregiver and superhero of my life.

“You truly were my number-one fan.”

Abraham Lincoln once said, “All I am or hope to be, I owe to my mother.”

To all the Mothers and families in the The Gravely Group community, we wish you a Happy Mother’s Day. Enjoy each other.

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