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Mel Gravely

A Personal Head Start Story: Clarice Jones

Some of our favorite Head Start stories are the ones that start in Head Start, and end in Head Start. We meet so many individuals who attended Head Start as children, and are now on staff at a Head Start program. It can be a very powerful recruitment tool to be able to tell parents that, hey, you started in Head Start too.

Clarice Jones of Waynesboro, Georgia, is one such success story. Her life story is a testament to the value of a strong educational background (from the beginning!), a supportive family, and a lifelong love of learning.

Read her story below…

My name is Clarice Jones. As a Head Start Alumni, I have definitely climbed the ladder of success.  At the age of 4, I attended Burke County Head Start in Georgia.  I can confirm that experiencing positive emotional support during early years promotes success in child outcomes.  Throughout my school years I remained an above average learner.  In doing so, I was inspired by teachers and family to further my education after graduating from high school.

I have earned my Associate’s in Early Childhood Education, Bachelor’s Degree in Child & Family Development, Master’s Degrees in Early Childhood Development & Psychology.  My Head Start journey has been amazing! Starting out as a Head Start participant, then an Intern, onto a Substitute,  then a few months afterwards a Teacher, years later an Education Coordinator, now a prospective  program Director.  Awesome, right?

If there was a word that describes my success it will be…“UNSTOPPABLE”!

My entire Head Start experience has lead me to a remarkable amount of respect for Head Start children, parents, leaders and it’s standards.  I am grateful for the people that provided opportunities for development and learning throughout my early years.  Much thanks to Mr. Gravely for giving me the opportunity to share My Head Start Story!



  1. Moxley Burton says:

    Great Job Clarice

  2. LaDonna Blackshire says:

    May God continue to to bless you as you start out on your new journey as BCPSEHS Program Director! 😇

  3. Allene D. Reed says:

    Congratulations and best wishes to a very deserving colleague. Enjoy the next phase of this incredible journey as you impact the growth and development of the individuals you will touch.

  4. Dominique Turner says:

    Congratulations, you really deserve it!!! I’m so proud of you and wish you many years of success.

  5. Judi Mitchell says:

    Ms. Clarice, Your story is what I needed to read today. You are a reminder to everyone-Parents, Staff, Alumni and the Community of what Head Start is really all about. Congratulations on your successful career. You are a model for many to follow. Good luck and best wishes for more successful endeavors!

  6. Marcallus Sunday says:

    Great Job!! I started out as a volunteer, FSA, Social Worker Coordinator, Male Involvement Coordinator, serven as 2nd Vice President to the State Association for two terms in Winston-Salem, NC and now I am a Facility Supervisor and Male Involvement Coordinator in Saginaw Michigan. What you are doing and giving back to Head Start is truly a great success story. you are UNSTOPPABLE!!!

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