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Mel Gravely

A Personal Head Start Story: Sylvia White

We love to hear stories about how Head Start has changed people’s lives! Below is a story submitted recently on our website about the Head Start program in Lincolnville, South Carolina. If you’re interested in submitting a story for publication on our blog, social media, and e-newsletter, please send it to us!

“I attended the local Headstart under what was called BDC Headstart at that time. It has now been emerged into the local school districts. My aunt Carrie Sellers was the Center Director and I had the greatest time. I remember on the cold mornings eating yellow grits (yes, it is located in the south) – Charleston, South Carolina to be exact. I remember my teacher Paulette Simmons who always dressed really nice and was very adamant in us learning. Everything was very creative and fun.”

“I believe that was the foundation of my love for Early Childhood Education. My very first job was with that very same Headstart center until I left to have my children. We never qualified for my children to attend but the opportunities to serve children and those who teach them speaks volumes for the seeds that were planted early through my time at Lincolnvolle Head Start. Now, I am a Childcare Consultant and Leadership Coach through my own business, Leading the Leaders, LLC, where I continue my passion for learning.”


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