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Mel Gravely

Book Recommendation – Journeys Through Parenthood: An Educator Guides You Down the Path to Quality Child Care

journeysI recently came across this book on social media, and after reading it I wanted to make a public recommendation for its author, Barbara Harvey.

In her brief synopsis of Journeys, Harvey explains that her intention is to give parents “the information about early education which will enable them to walk into any child care center and recognize the quality level. This book spells out in clear terms what information to look for, what questions to ask, and even explains jargon used in a child care setting.”

Barbara Harvey has been in early education since 1987. She says her inspiration to write this book came from the lack of knowledge that parents often had about early childhood education. In an interview with Smashwords, she explains that, despite the multitude of public figures talking about the importance of quality child care or preschool, the average citizen has no real idea what that means. So she set out to write something that would be quick to read and easy to understand, giving readers a “good and quick grasp on what quality child care is and what it looks like.”

That’s particularly one of the reasons that I liked this book. It explains things in simple terms and can help any parent navigate the sometimes convoluted world of choosing a preschool. It’s a great book to share with the parents in your program.

It’s also a great read for child care providers. Reading this book gives providers a sense of the types of questions that parents have, but don’t really have the knowledge or courage to ask.

Barbara Harvey’s book is available for purchase through for only $3.99. For about the cost of a single gallon of gas, I feel that it’s money well spent.

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