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Mel Gravely

Client Testimonial: Long Island Head Start

Long Island Head StartFrom time to time, I like to share client testimonials on my blog. While the main purpose of this blog is to disseminate information on the Head Start Program in general and not to sell The Gravely Group, client testimonials can go a long way to help agencies understand the importance of a knowledgeable Head Start consultant/trainer.

Early this year, I gave a Program Governance training to the Board of Directors at the Long Island Head Start in Patchoque, NY. Below is a letter the CEO received from one of the Board Members…

Since I have been a member of the board of Long Island Head Start, I must have attending more than five shared governance trainings. I have never left one of them feeling the way I did this past week. So many pieces of the puzzle seemed to fall into place. I never appreciated the connection to the policy council and the parent committees. We have all resolved to work together and communicate on a regular basis.

We have never had a speaker to compare to Melvin Gravely. He is so knowledgeable but yet down to earth. He showed us how the staff, board of directors, policy council and parent committees can integrate many facets to give the best service to the children and the families. The books he distributed will be an invaluable source of reference. He was an inspiration to all the attendees.

The management team presentations were better than any I can recall. I was so upset that they didn’t have a larger audience. The treaterous weather no only made this part of the pogram start later than scehdule but also forced many attendees to leave early. I wish they had been taped – too many folks had to miss one of the best parts of the training.

I am sure we will all be back more energized.


Kathleen (Kit) Cafaro


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