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Mel Gravely

Creating an Effective Board is all in the Bylaws (VIDEO)

Each organization should decide what is needed to be able to function well. Bylaws need to be impartial, that is, fair to all. Members play an important role in determining what the document contains; and they must be able to make changes, not on a whim, but in a manner that protects all members as the organization grows and changes. The bylaws should ensure stability, continuity, and structure.

Although bylaws should be customized to fit the organization, the following essential articles should be included in the bylaws:

Article I Name
Article II Object
Article III Members
Article IV Officers
Article V Meetings
Article VI Executive Board (or Board of Directors)
Article VII Committees
Article VIII Parliamentary Authority
Article IX Amendment of Bylaws


These are not the only articles an organization may have, but they are certainly the minimum any organization should have to take care of basic needs. Organizations may have as many articles as they need, and they may be arranged in any order that best meets the requirements of the group.

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