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Mel Gravely

Early Head Start Program Governance Structure (Organizational Charts)

When it comes to Early Head Start, the structure of your program governance depends on the overall structure of your agency.

If Agency is the grantee for Early Head Start and grantee for Head Start, there is only one policy council established at the Grantee level, with representation from EHS and HS.

If Early Head Start Grantee is a Delegate Agency of Head Start Grantee, there are two policy councils, (1) with representation from both EHS and HS; and (2) with representation from the Head Start Grantee.

If a Delegate Agency for Early Head Start Grantee and for Head Start Grantee, there are three policy councils, (1) with representation for EHS Grantee; (2) with representation from HS Grantee; and (3) with representation at the delegate level from both EHS and HS programs.


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