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Mel Gravely

Families are Powerful Partners in Head Start (Video)

The Office of Head Start posted a short, yet powerful video about the partnership possibilities between Head Start and parents. We wanted to share it on our blog because we felt it was good content to use during your next parent meeting to help introduce new parents to Head Start.

Some of our favorites quotes from parents and Head Start staff in this video include:

“Always be the parent that you always wanted, always be the teacher that you always wanted. Children are like a computer, the more input you put into your children, the more output later in life that you’re going to get from them.”

“I was chair of my policy council… it empowered me… showed me what it was like to be a leader. I went to college after I was involved with Head Start.”

“I felt like I was learning just as much as the kids were.”

“I’ve seen a parent who was very quiet, and then the next year start going for a position in the elections. I’ve seen them blossom and grow so much. We’ve been able to work with our families to make them become advocates for themselves.”

“The most important thing I’ve learned as a parent in Head Start is to focus and be a part of your child’s education.”


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