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Mel Gravely

Four Reasons Why ERSEA Training Is Important for Your Program

Head Start ERSEAAs Head Start and Early Head Start move forward in programming designs, The Gravely Group is determined to give you some suggestions to ensure your program is on the right path when it comes to ERSEA.

1. ERSEA in Head Start and Early Head Start programs is everybody’s job.
We believe that it is not only the case workers job to enroll families in programs but all staff. If our programs show a welcoming climate and outstanding client service we will have a better opportunity to attract families. The Gravely Group provides Head Start Personnel with the tools to recruit, enroll, and retain families through proven marketing techniques with strict adherence to the performance standards.

2. Verifying each child’s eligibility.
Program staff much not only verify a each child’s eligibility, they must include an employee signed statement identifying the child’s eligibility category. In ERSEA training, you learn the documents that must be examined to determine this. If you are not too sure about this process, it is time to have a professional consultant like The Gravely Group assist with your organization with forward thinking plan.

3. Learning the new definitions for ERSEA.
Eligibility rules have changed. It is important that your program can identify the new variations. The Gravely Group has a fantastic quiz that energies and coaches staff in developing new policies as well as procedures.

4. Understanding the role of ERSEA in your overall program goals.
Retention of families is a vital element in ERSEA. Now we understand that R in ERSEA stands for Recruitment however, families who come to our program have variety of options for early childhood education. How do we maintain our enrollment goals while providing quality services to our families?

The Gravely Group would be inspired to assist your program in your program goals in ERSEA. We believe in the quote from Ben Franklin:

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn.”



  1. Ruth Ortiz says:

    Excellent information

  2. Janet says:

    You say it is evey body’s job. You are NOT including teachers are you? We are overloaded with paperwork as it is. I love to teach but sometimes with all the paperwork and more added each year I have less time. Is this not the family advocates job?

  3. Ana says:

    As a member of a Head Start program, I do believe recruitment is everyone’s responsibility. Even though we in a Head Start agency may not have the Teacher title, we are all teachers in many ways and on a daily basis. We are also part of a bigger picture “the foundation to the best future we can offer the communities we serve”. Yes, we are bombarded with daily demands and lots and lots of paperwork as part of record keeping but all with the best outcome in mind, the children we serve.

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