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Mel Gravely

Fun and Simple Learning Games to Play with Your Child Every Day

Fun & Simple Learning Games to Play with Your Child EverydayEvery couple days on The Gravely Group Head Start Family Facebook page, I like to write small and simple games and activities that parents can play with their preschool-aged children every day to help them learn letters, numbers, colors, shapes, and more. I thought I would share some of those activities on the blog as well. What are some learning activities that you and your child enjoy? Type them in the comments below!

ASK your child to write how old they are.

LINE up little cars and talk about first second, and last with your child.

THROW a ball back and forth with your child. Throw high and low.

OUTLINE your child’s hands and number finger 1-10.

LOOK in a mirror. Have your child say what they sees.

HELP your child memorize their name and phone number.

POINT out letters on food, cans and boxes when shopping with your child.

SING a counting song. This old man, he plays one.

NAME the colors in a meal you and your child prepare.

READ a book and have your child guess what happens next.

WRITE your name and your child’s name. Tell your child which is which.

PLAY with playdough and talk about sizes and shapes.

WRITE numbers 1-5 and have your child point to their age.

SHOW your child how to hold a crayon like a pencil.

COUNT the buttons, snaps, or stripes on their clothes.

PLAY an opposites game like hot/cold or fast/slow.

HAVE your child play teacher and teach you the ABCs.

READ a book with your child and have them move a finger under words.

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