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Mel Gravely

Handbook on Program Governance & Effective Meetings Now Available in Spanish

After requests from several agencies, The Gravely Group has translated the entire Handbook on Program Governance & Effective Meetings into Spanish. It is now available for purchase through The Gravely Group website or by contacting us at (614) 901-3369.

The goal of the Handbook is to serve as a roadmap to Head Start agencies, and all parties involved in creating a highly functioning Head Start program. This includes board, staff and parents.

This handbook is divided into four sections:

Head Start Background: This section focus on the creation of head start; the history of funding and the flow of authority.

Performance Standards: Gives a vivid overview of the important operating procedures, shared governance, re-competition requirements, ethics and confidentiality, impasse and dispute resolution procedures.

Official Structure:
Official structure looks at how the governing board, parent committee, policy council (grantee) and policy committee (delegate) and staff is developed and how they function individually and collectively.

Effective Meetings: Guidelines for effective meeting strategies. How to function within the bylaws, parliamentary law, and how to make motions, and the roles of officers

In conclusion, we provide a section on frequently asked questions, glossary of terms and references focusing primarily on information shared in this handbook. In addition, we have included some examples of documents that can be tailored to your individual needs.

The Gravely Group believes that having this handbook at your fingertips will provide the staff, governing board, and parent committee and policy council/committee with some comprehensive resources to operate within the Head Start governance.

Click to purchase handbook now.

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