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Mel Gravely

Head Start Act Allows for Conversion of Enrollment Slots from Head Start to Early Head Start

Dad and BabyIn an announcement to Head Start grantees and delegate agencies last week, the Office of Head Start reminds agencies of their right to shift funding from services for Head Start preschool age children to Early Head Start services, whether or not they currently operate an Early Head Start program.

Early Head Start is a program that provides child development and family support services to low-income families with children under three years of age and pregnant women and their families.

According to the announcement, this ability to shift funds in order to convert enrollment slots was written into the Head Start Act of 2007 as a way for agencies to more easily adapt to the changing needs of their communities. Particularly since states and localities have increased their funding of public pre-K programs that may now serve children previously served by Head Start. Special considerations for American Indian and Alaska Native (AIAN) grantees were also written into the law. If the AIAN program operates both a Head Start and Early Head Start program, they may reallocate funds between programs at their discretion.

Requests for conversion of enrollment slots can be made during the refunding application or through a separate grand amendment. For more details on exactly now agencies can begin the process, click to read the full announcement.

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  1. Janet Eades says:

    Confused? Our Head Start and Early Head Start are run by two separate agencies. How does this work now?

  2. cassandra pines says:

    I’ve just became an Assistant Center Manager, I’m over four teachers, and two teaching assistants, and one teacher aide. I was a teacher for thirteen years in head start loved it. I felt that it was time for me to move out the way and let someone come in one day my center manager came to me and said I think you should try for the ACM postion I said you think I can do it she replied, and said you can which I knew I could. I applied got it in September no one came in and trained me, but I did shadowed other ACM. At the end of the school semester appraisar came up my center manager put me on a Performance Review. I did not do well at all no one came in to train me at all, so I accepted that, but I want to great at my job, because this is just the beginning of my long time goal. I want to know can you help me?

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