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Mel Gravely

Head Start Pre-Service Training Opportunities

pre-service-trainingThis is the time of the year that your Early/Head Start program creates its Pre-Service training for the new program year. The Head Start Performance Standards say:

(a) Head Start grantees must provide pre-service training and in-service training opportunities to program staff and volunteers to assist them in acquiring or increasing the knowledge and skills they need to fulfill their job responsibilities. This training must be directed toward improving the ability of staff and volunteers to deliver services required by Head Start regulations and policies.

(b) Head Start grantees must provide staff with information and training about the underlying philosophy and goals of Head Start and the program options being implemented.

Most programs use Pre-Service as way to welcome the staff back to work, share any policy changes and/or new directions for Early/ Head Start, and update everyone on new program information. Pre-service training should be upbeat and designed to motivate staff to prepare for a successful new year. Many staff will value this opportunity to do some training early and it will ease the burden on busy staff at the beginning of a new year. However when preparing for this exciting learning experience, The Gravely Group suggests that programs use their self-assessment to determine training needs.

During the Annual Self-Assessment, staff, leaders, parents, and partners reflect on that same data and compare data across content areas to address higher-level systemic issues. By asking pertinent questions-such as “How can we better serve children and families in our community?” “Where are we at risk?” and “How can we improve or streamline operations?”-programs can critically examine the overall direction and impact of their systems and services. Through this examination they can then determine how they can use their training resources to achieve their goals during Pre-Service.

Here are some ideas for Pre-Service in your program:

Contact The Gravely Group today to assist you in accomplishing your goals for Pre-Service.

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