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Mel Gravely

HHS Announces Two Grants Available for Expansion of Early Head Start Programs

Head Start FamilyAt the end of July, the Office of Head Start emailed an announcement to agencies and other stakeholders regarding two competitive grant opportunities for the expansion of Early Head Start Programs in their communities.

The first grant announces American Indian/Alaska Native EHS Expansion and EHS-Child Care Partnerships. The second pertains to EHS Expansion and Migrant and Seasonal EHS-Child Care Partnerships.

Both grants have a deadline of October 6th, 2014.

About the Grants

In January of 2014, Congress appropriated $500,000,000 to expand the number and quality of early learning opportunities for infants and toddlers through Early Head Start – Child Care Partnerships (EHS-CCP) grants or new Early Head Start (EHS) grants. This new competitive grant opportunity will fund both the partnering of Early Head Start programs with child care providers and non-partnership Early Head Start Expansion. Under EHS-CCP, new or existing Early Head Start grantees will partner with regulated center-based or family child care providers who agree to meet the Head Start Program Performance Standards. The resulting partnerships will allow programs to leverage their funds to provide more high quality early learning slots in their community.

For more information, visit the Early Childhood Learning & Knowledge Center.

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