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Mel Gravely

Introducing Geoffrey Lowry, the Newest Member of The Gravely Group Team

geoffrey_lowryI am excited to introduce another new consultant with The Gravely Group. We are expanding Knowledge Management our branch of Head Start learning to include new consultants who are accomplished professionals in the areas of Head Start and non-profit administration.

Knowledge Management (KM) describes the process of gathering, classifying, analyzing and sharing information so that a Head Start organization can collectively pursue its objectives efficiently. There are many definitions of Knowledge Management. Perhaps the simplest definition is “sharing what we know with others.”

I would like to introduce to you Geoffrey Lowry, MBA. Geoffrey has been responsible for raising efforts of over $20 million in private and federal grants and budgets totaling over $80 million in the private and non-profit sector. He has been in charge of program and financial reporting to funders, the negotiation and implementation of private as well as government contracts. Geoffrey has over 20 years of experience working with personnel and operation management including private and non-profit audits on the state and federal level. His experience in community relations includes the recruitment and retention of over 20,000 children and families with collaborations with countless community organizations. Currently Geoffrey provides federal, fiscal, and administrative audits throughout the United States. Geoffrey is a former Head Start child from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

When I asked Geoff why he was so committed to the Head Start community he said, “That was me. I see families having some of the same experiences I did growing up child. I want to be a role model for those families struggling to find self-reliance. If my family could do it, it is possible.” One of Geoff’s favorite sayings is “I am thankful to all of those who said NO because of them I learn to do it myself.”

Welcome to The Gravely Group team Geoffrey. We look forward to working with you to provide great services to the children and families of Head Start.

Connect with Geoffrey on LinkedIn.

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