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Mel Gravely

LGMS Protocol Key Performance Area #2 – Developing & Organizing Resources

developingThis is the third part in our five-part series about the FY2016 Leadership, Governance and Management Systems Protocol.

In KPA #1 (Program Planning), the grantee should be able to accurately define and describe its plans and goals. In the second KPA, a Head Start agency should develop and organize resources to achieve the goals set during program planning.  In other words, how will you secure the resources required, and how will that support your plan?

Developing and organizing resources as a process includes things such as staff recruitment and training. It also includes tasks such as securing finances, equipment and facilities, and any materials and community partnerships. Lastly, it considers a strong Governing Body and Policy Council as resources you work to develop, not just a group of people that are randomly placed together because they said yes.

Compliance Measures

In regards to Compliance Measures, there are three specific compliance measures that OHS will be looking at when it comes to the development of your resources:

  • Developing Staff would entail recruitment, hiring and training of qualified staff to maintain a supportive, high-quality organizational structure that will provide services to children and families to ensure their health and safety.
  • Developing Financial Resources is exactly like it sounds. The governing body would exercise fiscal responsibilities to make sure the program has all of the resources necessary to deliver services, ensure healthy and safe environments and accomplish its goals.
  • Engaging the Governing Body and Policy Council comes down to the grantee- they would need to engage its governing body and establish and use a policy council to help provide direction and support for the program in accomplishing its goals and providing comprehensive services.

Targeted Questions

Here are a few of the examples of the TQs that leadership and staff may be asked when it comes to this Key Performance Indicator:

The Governing Body members of your Head Start would be asked a few different questions in order for the OHS to understand how they ensure that its members are able to fully support the program based on expertise, and that the program has the appropriate staff and resources to aptly provide services to children and families.

When it comes to Developing Staff, the Governing Body might have the question of how they ensure that the program has the staff it needs to help deliver quality services to the community.

There will be questions about the development of financial resources. The Governing Body members will be expected to showcase how they ensure the program has the resources needed to provide comprehensive services, their understanding of the number and type of facilities needed to support services, how the budget is developed and financial resources are allocated.

The Policy Council would need to describe how they participate in the recruitment and hiring of staff, advise the program to create relevant parental involvement activities, ensure the program services are culturally relevant, confirm the program meets the needs of children and families and their involvement in the budget-planning process.

When it comes to the Head Start Director, the targeted questions would be there to help the OHS understand how they hire and support staff, collaborate with the Policy Council as a resource.


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