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Mel Gravely

LGMS Protocol Key Performance Area #3 – Operating and Implementing the Program

implementingThis is the fourth part in our five-part series about the FY2016 Leadership, Governance and Management Systems Protocol.

This Key Performance Area focuses primarily on the day-to-day operation of your Head Start program. It includes the supervision and support of staff, internal and external communications, and service delivery. A fundamental key to this KPA is how the program collects, records and reports data – all things that guides the program in understanding the impact it has on children and families as well as informing the program’s improvements.

Compliance Measures

Compliance Measures for this KPA involve three main divisions:

Supervision and Support would mean ensuring that staff are supported and supervised in fulfilling roles and responsibilities to deliver quality services, making sure environments are safe and program practices are healthy and that they achieve program goals.

The program would have Ongoing Communication in place to provide sharing of accurate and timely information with staff in order to support them in delivering services and ensuring the program’s environments are safe and healthy for children and families. They’d also be able to share that info with parents, policy groups and the general community to inform and engage stakeholders.

Data Management entails the program collects, records, and reports data on progress in delivering all services and achieving program goals. They would need to routinely and accurately collect and record data, generate reports, make all information accessible to appropriate parties and maintain confidentiality.

Targeted Questions

In regards to Targeted Questions, they would be addressed to the staff and the Director.

Staff may be asked if they were supported and supervised in ensuring the health and safety of children, or how they collaborate with other staff to share information that helps in their work.

The Director would be asked about how the staff is supported and supervised in fulfilling their roles, how the program communicates with parents, and how the program collects, records and tracks data to monitor and report on its progress in delivering high quality comprehensive services.


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