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Mel Gravely

New Head Start Handbooks Released

new_handbooksThe Gravely Group is excited to announce that we have revamped our signature Head Start Handbook. It has been significantly expanded and divided into two separate handbooks:

  1. Head Start Program Governance
  2. Effective Head Start Meeting

These two guides will help staff and parents answer all the questions about how to create and run an effective Head Start program. Available as a set or individually, these books include definitive direction on building a Head Start management team, running an efficient program and helping the children in the community.

Head Start Program Governance is available for $14.95. Effective Head Start Meetings is available for $12.95. Or purchase the set for $24.95.

Click here to purchase.


  1. Ana M. Figueroa says:

    Good Afternoon Mr. Gravely,

    We spoke earlier today. Now I have another question, I am trying to purchase a Combo Pack in both English and Spanish. I see that the combo pack in English is $24.95 but when I add the Spanish it does not gives it tome as combo pack. Do I have to purchase the Spanish books separately at $17.95 each. Please let me know.

    Note: Correction; I actually learned about the handbooks by an email I received from The Gravely Group not through NHSA.

    Thanks so much,

    Ana M. Figueroa
    Parent Involvement & Volunteer Coordinator
    (631) 758-5200 ext. 129

  2. Fredrika Kagai says:

    I am excited to see these books revamped! Melvin Gravely’s insight and passion for the Head Start/Early Head Start Program shows clearly in these guides, ‘Head Start Program Governance’ and ‘Effective Head Start Meetings’. They are comprehensive yet broken down clearly to the benefit of anyone who desires to know more about the origins of Head Start, organizing a program, and how a program is run. Must reads for any parent and any organization that desires to perform more efficiently.

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