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Mel Gravely

NHSA Plans Hands-In Campaign for August 29th, 2013

After their successful “Stroll-In” campaign in March, where Head Start agencies, parents, and volunteers pushed strollers to their local legislator’s office, the National Head Start Association (NHSA) is organizing a new campaign, called “Hands-In for Head Start.”

According to the NHSA, it is imperative to maintain top of mind awareness about Head Start and Early Head Start for both legislators and the general public during this crucial budget period. Congress is back home on recess beginning the week of August 29th, which is the ideal time to engage with them locally.

How it works is that children will create a mural of their handprints. Head Start parents, staff, and friends will then present the murals to their legislator’s office. The campaign also includes components of local media and social media engagement to help get the word out.

To get involved in the Hands-In for Head Start campaign, visit the NHSA website.

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