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Mel Gravely

Office of Head Start Delays DRS/Re-Competition Grantee Notifications

Office of Head Start Delays DRS/Re-Competition Grantee NotificationsThe Office of Head Start released an official statement on December 7th from its national Director, Yvette Sanchez Fuentes. Fuentes confirmed that the first round of grantees who submitted re-designation applications in July and August would not be notified of their status until Spring 2013. Most assumed the announcement would come at the end of the year after the 250 chosen panelists had completed their reviews. But it seems that is not the case.

Some are already speculating on what’s taking so long. The statement from OHS doesn’t do much to explain what is causing the delay. However, they do clarify that funding has already been extended through the end of the school year for the 130 agencies that have applied. The good news is that services for these families will not be interrupted at least for the time being. However, some are wondering if fears about the so-called “fiscal cliff” are playing a part in the delay.

As applicants get closer to hearing the status of their application, many may be nervous about the future of their programs. Sometimes waiting with uncertainty is the most difficult part of the entire process.

The Gravely Group will continue to update our blog with any new updates on DRS/Re-competition. Stay tuned.

OHS Applicant Support Website – This site offers a robust collection of resources to provide a deeper understanding of the Head Start and Early Head Start programs, the funding process, and the evaluation criteria.

Designation Renewal – List of Head Start grantees designated to compete, the link to forecasted grant opportunities, and up-to-the-minute Administration for Children and Families policy decisions impacting competition.

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