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Mel Gravely

Why is Parent Involvement so Important?

Research has shown the more parents are involved in their children’s education; the better off their kids will be – emotionally and academically. Its focus on parent involvement is considered one of the main reasons that Head Start has been so successful for so many years. Parent Involvement is also considered to be one of the most enduring benefits of the Head Start program.

As parents and families of Head Start children, there are many ways for you to become involved and stay engaged in the program, which will benefit your child’s education and future.

Here are just a few ways:

  • Attend Head Start Parent/Staff meetings.
  • Attend training to learn about your child’s rights and responsibilities concerning education.
  • Get involved in decisions about your child’s education by learning how to effectively communicate with teachers and staff.
  • Serve on a Head Start committee, such as Policy Council or Health Services Advisory Council.
  • Learn how to get involved in developing an Individualized Education Plan for your child with special needs.
  • Learn how to tell your personal story effectively in front of public officials, school officials, and others who influence the operation of education and other programs for children.

The Head Start program also teaches parents and other family members how to create a learning environment at home in an effort to support classroom learning.

In addition to becoming a better role model for your children, Head Start offers you opportunities to expand your education, find or get a better job, and locate support groups where parents and family members encourage each other.

By law, Head Start programs must help parents and families support their children as they enter Early Head Start or Head Start, and as they transition from Head Start to Kindergarten, another preschool program, or a child care setting.

Additional ideas on Parent Involvement with Head Start. Your local community program needs you!



  1. Rose F. Pickett says:

    With more help from the parents we can help children to transistion from daycare status to established kindergarteners when they reach the age of 5.

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