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Mel Gravely

Programs Across the Country Engage Local Media for National Head Start Awareness Month, 50 Years of Head Start

Head Start TrainingOctober is National Head Start Awareness Month. Throughout the country, Head Start Programs have been holding public events to celebrate 50 Years of Head Start success and raise awareness about the program’s importance to their communities through some good old-fashioned public relations and media engagement.

This is a great time to gain coverage from the local media for your Head Start program. As one of the few remaining programs from President Johnson’s War on Poverty, enacted 50 years ago, Head Start has survived the chopping block dozens of times, and that’s a powerful story to tell no matter where you are.

Here are just a few…

El Paso, TX
Region 19 earned an extensive write up in the El Paso Times.

Tampa, FL
Local non-profit Head Start grantee, LSF, is one of the largest designees in the US. In October, they will hold events at each of their locations with appearances by local leaders and performances by children enrolled in the program.

Pottsville, PA
A nice, feel-good article in the Republican Herald about the local Head Start program in Schuylkill County, serving just over 400 kids this year.

Ashland, KY
The Independent published an article, focusing on a personal success story, following one individual on her journey from Head Start participant to Head Start teacher.

Fond du Lac, WI
Local Head Start Director Valerie Barton wrote a letter to the editor, emphasizing the importance of Head Start in her community.

Columbia, South Carolina
Even a mention in the local paper’s Community Calendar can help go a long way to drum up interest in a cause. GONZALES GARDENS is celebrating 50 years of Head Start.

Coverage isn’t just limited to the 50 states, but extends to US territory Guam as well. Read “Calvo declares October Head Start Awareness Month” from KUAM News.

Are you getting coverage in your local media? We’d love to hear about it!

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