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The Importance of Health Program Services in Head Start

A child with health problems, whether oral, mental or nutrition concerns, will have difficulty learning. That’s why it’s up to us, Head Start staff, to provide the high-quality health services, that will help each child grow. According to section 1302.40 (a) of Head Start Performance Standards: “A program must provide high-quality health, oral health, mental…

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Advisory Committees: Are you in?

head start advisory committee

One new and exciting part of the new Head Start Performance Standards is a section on Advisory Committees. Now remember, this is still part of the program governance section – 1301.2 Governing Body (aka your board). I quote: “Advisory committees. (1) A governing body may establish advisory committees as it deems necessary for effective governance…

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The Role of Advisory Committees in Head Start Program Governance

Recently, The Gravely Group received an question via email about how organizations can utilize Advisory Committees in their Program Governance Structure. According to the most recent Program Instruction document on Program Governance, Advisory Committees are allowed under the Head Start Act, “to the extent practicable and appropriate, at the discretion of the governing body, establishing…

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