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Lessons We’ve Learned from Recompetition, and NHSA’s Suggestions for Improvement

Yasmina Vinci, Executive Director of the National Head Start Association (NHSA), recently penned a blog for The Huffington Post’s Education section, called “Head Start Designation Renewal System 2.0.” In it, Vinci discusses some of the lessons we’ve learned after three rounds of designation renewal, and talks about NHSA’s recommendations for improving the system. The entire…

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Preliminary Awardees Announced for Head Start Designation Renewal

The Office of Head Start announced the preliminary winners of the first round of recompetition. 125 agencies were originally selected in the first round of designation renewal back in December 2011. Of those, 80 will continue to receive federal funding, 25 will be replaced by new programs, and 14 will see their grants split up…

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