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Engaging Parents: Let’s Get Real

Engaging families goes beyond having a big welcome sign on the door. How welcoming is your program? Do you know what issues are families facing? Are there staff assumptions regarding parents? Are families empowered and honored? Is parental input an integral part of the program? How is information shared with families? Here are some ideas…

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Overcoming Separation Anxiety On the First Day of School

Entering a new Head Start program filled with unfamiliar people can cause anxiety for children and their parents! Here are some great ways to overcome the separation anxiety that accompanies a child’s first day of Head Start. What You Can Do Before School Preparing your child for Head Start before his first day can greatly…

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Ten Tips for Developing Positive Relatonships with Parents

1. Smile When You See Parents Greet them. Most parents only occasionally interact with teachers so make sure that at least 90 percent of your encounters with them are positive, warm, and friendly. The impressions left from fleeting encounters in the hallway last a long time. 2. Learn Their Names Learn how they like to…

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