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Teachers Report Weaker Relationships with Students of Color

Some of the most successful entrepreneurs and executives have attributed their career success to strong bonds they shared with encouraging and inspiring teachers from their youth. A new study by NYU researcher Dr. Hua-Yu Sebastian Cherng provides evidence that teachers have weak relationships with students of color and children of immigrants. The author further suggests…

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Webinar Recap: How Race, Ethnicity, and Location Influence Children’s Access to Early Childhood Education (Part 3)

early childhood education

This is Part Three in our series about the webinar “Race and Place Matter: Head Start and CCDBG Access by Race, Ethnicity, and Location.” In Part One, we examined a study by the Center for Law and Social Policy (CLASP) and found that low-income children’s access to early childhood development opportunities vary by race, ethnicity,…

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‘State(s) of Head Start Report’ Suggests Underfunding a Primary Reason for Differences in Quality between States

In December 2016, the National Institute for Early Education Research (NIEER) at Rutgers, studied differences in Head Start quality between states. What the researchers found were wide differences in program funding, quality, and coverage. So much so that only two states, Vermont and Kentucky, scored above what NIEER termed, “a research-based threshold for effective instructional…

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