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Creating an Effective Board is all in the Bylaws (VIDEO)

Each organization should decide what is needed to be able to function well. Bylaws need to be impartial, that is, fair to all. Members play an important role in determining what the document contains; and they must be able to make changes, not on a whim, but in a manner that protects all members as…

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Video: Introduction to The Gravely Group Program Governance Training

The Gravely Group is an experienced national consulting firm that provides innovative technical assistance for board, program professionals and parents of Head Start and Early Head Start agencies across the county. Watch our new video! The knowledgeable and experienced consultants at The Gravely Group provide specific technical assistance to assist organizations in program design and…

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Families are Powerful Partners in Head Start (Video)

The Office of Head Start posted a short, yet powerful video about the partnership possibilities between Head Start and parents. We wanted to share it on our blog because we felt it was good content to use during your next parent meeting to help introduce new parents to Head Start. Some of our favorites quotes…

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