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Mel Gravely

The Effects of Sequestration on Head Start in Photos

Across the web, in local newspapers, and on TV stations, there has been a lot of talk about the effects of sequestration on Head Start programs. Lotteries for open slots have already begun as many programs are forced to cut enrollment. The NHSA organized a nationwide stroll-in to protest cuts. As a result, local reporters from all over the country have captured some very moving images since cuts went into affect a month ago. I thought it would be worthwhile to compile some of those images and share them on our blog. After all, a picture is worth a thousand… well, you know the rest.

The Republic – Columbus, IN
“36 Indiana children cut from early childhood education programs under federal spending cuts”

Jeremiah Harker could hardly bear to listen as names were called Tuesday night, March 5, 2013, during a Head Start meeting, in Columbus, Ind. that determined who would be eliminated from the program in the wake of Federal financial cutbacks. Harker himself was exempt from being cut, but he said he felt badly for others. (AP Photo/The Republic, Andrew Laker)

Daily Press – Hampton Roads, VA
“Head Start programs brace for cuts”

Annette Harrison helps A’Moni Compere, 2, adjust her police hat during class time. Sequestration cuts? If the cuts hit local Head Start programs and families, cuts will affect the two major Head Start programs. (Joe Fudge/Daily Press photo)

Boston Globe – Boston, MA
Head Start Program Braces for Sequestration Cuts

Brody Dorion with his mother, Vanessa, at a Head Start in Boston. “It’s not day care,” Vanessa says. “The kids are in there learning.” (Aram Boghosian for The Boston Globe)

WSLS10 – Roanoke, VA
Roanoke Valley Head Start programs protest sequester cuts
Roanoke Valley Head Start programs protest sequester cuts
Roanoke Valley TAP Head Start supporters held a “stroll-in” at Congressman Bob Goodlatte’s office in downtown Roanoke Friday morning.(Jenna Zibton, WSLS10)

Voice of America – USA
With Sequester, Social Services Brace for Cuts

United Neighborhood Houses of New York protesting budget cuts that affect disadvantaged children and Head Start school programs. The same services could also be hurt by the sequester. (United Neighborhood Houses of New York)

Merced Sun-Star – Merced, CA
Federal cuts a ‘significant’ blow to Head Start program

Head Start teacher Karen Martin reads a book with Jenevieve Guillen (CQ), 23 months, at Head Start in Merced Thursday. (Bea Ahbeck Casson/Merced Sun-Star) – Norwalk, VA
Federal Sequestration Threatens Norwalk Head Start Program Employees

Families look on in concern at a January NEON (Norwalk Economic Opportunity Now) rally inspired by the city’s decision not to fund the agency’s Head Start program in the 2013-2014 operating budget. (Nancy Chapman,

Hanford Sentinel – Hanford, CA
Sequestration cuts threaten local Head Start programs

Tyra Kelley, KCAO Head Start teacher assistant, has lunch with children attending the Clay Center Wednesday. The program could lose funding money if sequestration takes into effect. (Apolinar Fonseca/The Sentinel)

KRCR-TV – Redding, CA
Protestors Speak Out About Possible Head Start Cuts

Dozens of parents and teachers gathered at Congressman Doug LaMalfa’s office in Oroville to protest Head Start cuts. “They start their ABC’s. They get to interact with other children from sheltered kids,” said supporter, Charlie Makela. (Tyler May, KRCR-TV)

TakePart – USA
These Kids Will Be Hit the Hardest By Education Budget Cuts

Young children eat lunch at the federally-funded Head Start school on September 20, 2012 in Woodbourne, New York. The school provides early education, nutrition and health services to 311 children from birth through age 5 from low-income families in Sullivan County, one of the poorest counties in the state of New York. (Photo: Getty Images)


  1. Anneliese Reins says:

    Use Head Start funds for training Head Start teachers, organize community based, self supporting Head Start units. The family can not pay ?.Exchange with work hours, (Cleaning, laundry, repairs , what ever ). The key to success: Educated teachers and family involvement .
    Substitute Baby sitting with Head Start schooling for all children.
    Early Head Start can function the same way: Teach brain growth and development, observe how a baby is born with a natural instinct to explore the surrounding and program the brain.The teacher’s role is to provide a free choice of age and developmental selected tools , a clean safe environment .and let the baby discover the world.
    P S My professional life time dream is now rooted by the new brain developmental science and learning process.

  2. Anneliese Reins says:

    The above comment could be an school related programs. paid by school taxes and one taken out into the community. If there are no funds, lets explore alternatives, find an economic model useful to low income societies, but don’t leave the child deprived of the most important education now

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