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Mel Gravely

The Five Abilities of an Effective Leader

leadership trainingLeadership is a skill that can’t be taught, but instead can be learned through awareness and observation. People you consider to be leaders have several important abilities that set them apart from the crowd, and if you can recognize what abilities you need in different situations, be it at work, home or anywhere, you can also become a leader.

A big part of being a leader is the ability to self-manage. In order to self-manage, there needs to be a strong self-awareness in any situation, as well as an ability to emotionally manage themselves in tough spots.

Being able to separate yourself from a situation to weigh the options of what might happen can be developed when a person is put in one of those tough spots. If you can manage the emotions that might arise in a tough spot at work, and make sure you stay consistent in how you react, you can say that you have one of the strong points of being a leader down.

Another ability that sets leaders apart is the ability to recognize connections. So someone who can integrate information and how one activity can impact another.

Consider the next time you have a situation arise at work, something difficult that you usually have to handle (but don’t want to)- if you can break it down by seeing what outcomes might arise out of any decisions you make, and see the “larger picture” as it were- shows that you have a good start at bringing out the leader in yourself.

Something else that follows closely to the ability to recognize connections would is recognizing how each individual you work with connects to the organization at large and if there are any new opportunities (for you or your co-workers) that might lead you down a stronger path at work.

Going along with that, a leader must be able to build substantial relationships. Those people who work with you have to trust your integrity, and they must want to work with you. So in any situation, as long as you have an open channel of communication and can provide your co-workers with hope about what you’re doing, they will be able to know that you’re someone that they can go to if they need any help- and a definable leader.

Building substantial relationships when it comes to being a successful manager involves leading the way with service. So if you can take responsibility for any actions, support your subordinates, and put the needs of others in front of your own, it provides them with a clear picture that you are a caring and compassionate leader.

Of course, these leaders also have the ability to produce results. They have a tactical and strategic idea of what needs to happen and can get to good results by still being compassionate and considerate.

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