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Mel Gravely

A Touching Note from a Client

We recently received a lovely unsolicited note from a client following a training, describing her journey with Head Start. She has given us permission to post it in our blog.

Good Afternoon Mr. Gravely,

Thanks for all the inspirational words you gave to get the motivation from the audience.

Now back in 1965 at five years old Ethel Faye James had become a Head Start child. Not knowing at the time when my daddy would drop me of at J.P. Law Elementary School in Merry Hill, North Carolina it would bring me the place where I am today. Enjoying my half-day with my teacher Ms. Ella Williams and others I recall her saying when nap time came she walk slow around every one laying on a mate with their towels saying pepper is being sprinkle so all eyes closed. The influence she brought to the class was warm, caring and gentle. Head Start promoted my community to prepare low income families for kindergarten. Over 50 years Head Start is still growing assisting families with the quality of services that gives families, community and our children the dream of HOPE…

Ethel J. Copeland
Fiscal Officer
Economic Improvement Council

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