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Mel Gravely

Training Your Governing Body and Policy Council

pre-service-trainingTraining takes front and center stage in Head Start. In order to run a fully compliant Head Start program, I’m sure you’ve realized by now that plenty of training is needed. What does the governing body need to know?

In Part 1301.5, I quote “An agency must provide appropriate training and technical assistance or orientation to the governing body, any advisory committee members, and the policy council, including training on program performance standards and training indicated in Part 1302.12(m) to ensure the members understand the information they receive and can effectively oversee and participate in the programs in the Head start agency.”

Okay, if you read the new Head Start Performance Standards by now (I hope you did!), you know that it’s all about determining, verifying, and documenting eligibility. Let’s take a look at what training we need on that:

“(1) A program must train all governing body, policy council, management, and staff who determine eligibility on applicable federal regulations and program policies and procedures. Training must, at a minimum:

(i) Include methods on how to collect complete and accurate eligibility information from families and third party sources;

(ii) Incorporate strategies for treating families with dignity and respect and for dealing with possible issues of domestic violence, stigma, and privacy; and,

(iii) Explain program policies and procedures that describe actions taken against staff, families, or participants who attempt to provide or intentionally provide false information.

(2) A program must train management and staff members who make eligibility determinations within 90 days of hiring new staff.

(3) A program must train all governing body and policy council members within 180 days of the beginning of the term of a new governing body or policy council.

(4) A program must develop policies on how often training will be provided after the initial training.”

There sure is a lot to cover. Want to get your staff trained by professionals that know what they are doing? Check out what The Gravely Group has to offer. We specialize in training Head Start governing bodies, and look forward to helping you with this. We fly all over the country, to a myriad types of programs. Call or email today and get your staff up to date with what they need to know. Remember, training in Head Start is never a one-time thing. As noted in the standards, training, especially for governing body and policy council, needs to be ongoing. So get in touch with The Gravely Group, and get your staff trained by top professionals. You’ll be glad you did!

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