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Father and Male Role Model Inclusion

Strengthening Program Outcomes by Incorporating Fatherhood Initiatives into Daily Practice Research demonstrates that Head Start programs with intentional and sustained father engagement practices experience significant associations between positive father involvement and children’s well-being. Loving and nurturing fathers and male role models that engage positively with mothers and in childcare settings increase children’s cognitive abilities, emotional…

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Effective Meetings

effective meetings training

Head Start leaders who attend this workshop will learn their governance roles and how to effectively conduct the business of their policy council/committee. This training will provide attendees with a toolkit for success by providing the necessary equipment to build a strong working relationship with Head Start partners. The Head Start Performance Standards and Robert’s…

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History of Head Start

Nearly 60 years ago, President Lyndon B. Johnson created Head Start, a program to help meet the emotional, social, health, nutritional, and psychological needs of preschool-aged children from low-income families. Since then, the program has made significant strides, and regulations have continued to evolve. Knowing about Head Start’s past will help us plan for its…

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Relationship Based Competencies

This training will focus on the 12 Relationship Based Competencies, and how to effectively make sure a program is incorporating them into their head start program, while making sure they are following the head start performance standards. Learning Outcomes At the completion of this training, participants will be able to: Have a better understanding of…

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PFCE – Father Engagement

Responsibility + Positive Relationships Research supports that parents are the child’s first teachers and play a vital role in the development and growth of the child. The father and other male significant others play a crucial rule. Fathers and male significant others provide strength, stability, and a positive male influence to the family component and…

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PFCE Framework

Head Start PFCE Framework

The Head Start Parent, Family, and Community Engagement (PFCE) Framework provides programs with a research-based, organizational guide for  implementing Head Start Program Performance Standards for parent, family, and community engagement. Your Head Start program is in a unique position to promote children’s well-being – today and in the future – by engaging their parents and…

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PFCE – Parent Engagement

Parent engagement is an ongoing process, and how parents choose to become involved may vary from individual to individual. Today, the person who parents a child in Head Start may be a teenager, a single father, a recent immigrant, a grandmother, a foster parent, an aunt or a great-aunt. Fewer parents are at home full-time…

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