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Mel Gravely

What to Consider When Hiring an Early Head Start Implementer

Early Head StartDid you know that The Gravely Group has been providing implementations services for Early Head Start programs across the country?

The Gravely Group has had the opportunity to work with a variety of programs that encompass a diverse collection of Early Head Start programs who were awarded the Early Head Start Partnership grants.

Some programs are familiar with Early Head Start policy, regulation and Performance Standards. Others have never had any Early Head Start grant in its history.

The Gravely Group Implementation planners and fiscal consultants may be hired to support start-up and ongoing program operations.

Our Implementers align with quality improvement nationally, including formal Quality Rating or Recognition and Improvement Systems (QRIS) and other quality improvement initiatives.

Here are some suggestions when determining your Early Head Start Implementer:

  • Your Implementer recognizes that strength-based relationships form the foundation for effective consultation and is aware of own contribution to the relationship dynamic.
  • Your Implementer articulates the importance of cultural and linguistic sensitivity throughout the consultation process.
  • Your Implementer demonstrates active listening and adjusts communication style when gathering information and responding to the needs of clients.
  • Your Implementer adjusts approaches for the context of the client: culture, language, demographics, policies, procedures, and organizational structure.
  • Your Implementer develops and adheres to a consultation plan with clients, including goals, outcomes, strategies and evaluation.

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