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Mel Gravely

Yvette Woods Joins The Gravely Group as Educational Consultant

Yvette WoodsThis fall is an exciting time for The Gravely Group. We are expanding Knowledge Management our branch of Head Start learning to include new consultants who are accomplished professionals in the areas of Head Start and non-profit administration.

Knowledge Management (KM) describes the process of gathering, classifying, analyzing and sharing information so that a Head Start organization can collectively pursue its objectives efficiently. There are many definitions of Knowledge Management. Perhaps the simplest definition is “sharing what we know with others.”

I would like to introduce Yvette Woods, MS the Educational Consultant for The Gravely Group. This was a natural fit for her after 20 years working as an educator; mentor and literacy coach more than prepared her for this position. Also a Boys & Girls Club Academic Coordinator and Club Director, her experience with education has been in schools as well as community based organizations.

Her work has not been contained to several school districts, but has spanned across community based organizations and non-profits. Always willing to provide service to children and their families, Yvette’s passion for education, especially those in underserved and impoverished areas is a true testament to hard work. Yvette has worked with children from Head Start classrooms to 12th grade.

This gives her a unique perspective of the educational development of a child. Her favorite Committed to educating children and parents, Yvette also lends her expertise to training and presenting at National, Regional and State Head Start conferences.

Yvette hangs this saying in each of her workspaces: “Children are not a distraction from more important work; children are THE MOST important work.”

We welcome Yvette Woods to The Gravely Group. She is a great fit in our team and we look forward to her serving our Head Start programs across the United States.


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