Upcoming Conferences


Region IV Head Start Association

Early Head Start Institute

September 18-21, 2017
Atlanta, GA

Melvin Gravely, CEO of The Gravely Group, will be attending the Region IV Early Head Start Institute and presenting three sessions, one pre-conference seminar and two conference workshops. Hope to see you there!

Pre-Conference Seminar: Board and Policy Council New Performance Standards

Training hours: 6 hours
When: Monday September 18, 2017
Cost: $255

The purpose of this workshop is to teach staff, the board of director and policy council how to function according to the new Performance Standard in Part 1301.5, It is stated “An agency must provide appropriate training and technical assistance or orientation to the governing body and the policy council, including training on program performance standards and training to ensure the members understand the information they receive and can effectively oversee and participate in the programs in the Head start agency.”

This workshop will ensure a clear and strategic organizational direction that supports the agency’s efforts to successfully navigate the challenges, responsibilities and opportunities of a new and changing environment. This training also provides non-profit governance teams with the necessary strategic tools to ensure organizational success.

Parent Leadership = Parent Success

Training hours: 90 minutes
When: TBA

The workshop will discuss the provisions of the Head Start Act that relates to a parent involvement, strategies to be more involved and role of the parent on the policy council/parent committees. Meaningful parent leadership occurs when parents gain the knowledge and skills to function in meaningful leadership roles and represent a “parent voice” to help shape the direction of their families, programs and communities. Parent leadership is successfully achieved when parents and early learning professionals build effective partnerships and share responsibility, expertise and leadership in decisions being made that affect families and communities. Parent involvement is a critical element in a child’s early education.

Who should attend?

  • Directors
  • Family Advocate Staff/Supervisors
  • Board and Policy Council members
  • Parents

Board and Policy Council Effective Meetings

Training hours: 90 minutes
When: TBA

Great meetings don’t just happen. Participants will learn their roles and how to properly structure and organize their board and policy council to effectively conduct the business of the group. From developing the agenda to recording minutes properly to making a motion, this workshop will provide tools for leadership with a prescription for success and the necessary tools to build a strong working relationship with their partners. Participants will be using the new Head Start Program Performance Standards and Robert’s Rules of Order as a resource, and conduct a mock meeting using the resources provided in the presentation.

Who should attend?

  • Directors
  • Program Managers
  • Direct Service Program Staff
  • Head Start Leadership

Tell Me and I Forget,
Teach Me and I Remember,
Involve Me and I Will Understand

– Benjamin Franklin