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Region IV 2019 Annual Training Conference & Expo
Pre-Conference Seminar

"Program Governance Leadership Skills"

Purpose:  To teach staff, the board of directors, and policy council how to function according to the new Performance Standard in Part 1301.5.
Audience: Board and Policy Council Members, Parents, Head Start Directors and Management Staff
Trainer: Melvin Gravely, Chief Executive Officer, The Gravely Group
Date: Tuesday, February 5, 2019
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The fee for this seminar is in addition to the conference registration fee and includes the Public Policy Luncheon. Advance registration is required, and on-site registration is not permitted for this event.


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Presentation Goal/Purpose:

The purpose of this workshop is to teach staff, the board of director and policy council how to function according to the new Performance Standard in Part 1301.5, It is stated “An agency must provide appropriate training and technical assistance or orientation to the governing body and the policy council, including training on program performance standards and training to ensure the members understand the information they receive and can effectively oversee and participate in the programs in the Head start agency."

This workshop will ensure a clear and strategic organizational direction that supports the agency's efforts to successfully navigate the challenges, responsibilities and opportunities of a new and changing environment. This training also provides non-profit governance teams with the necessary strategic tools to ensure organizational success.

Training Objectives:

  • Learn the History of Performance Standard and the Head Start Act
  • Understand the Roles of the Board and Policy Council/Committee play in Head Start
  • Learn the necessary tools to build a strong Head Start governance team
  • How to properly structure your board and parent policy council to effectively conduct the business of the group.
  • Strategies to support program governance and ensure program systems are appropriate

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand new strategies for building Relationships with policy council
  • Uncover new steps for successful five-year grant partnerships
  • Clarify federal regulations, definitions to build consistency throughout the program
  • How to provide technical assistance to Governing Body, Policy Council and Parent Committees
  • Demonstrate effective shared decision-making with the appropriate Head Start governing bodies
  • Understand the concept of governance and how the roles associated with governance are distinguished from the roles associated with administration.