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Region IV Leadership Summit

"ERSEA Leadership Skills"

This presentation will focus on ERSEA protocols as it relates to directors and staff.

Monday, June 17, 2019


Sheraton Atlanta
165 Courtland Street NE
Atlanta, GA


The fee for this seminar is in addition to the conference registration fee and includes the Public Policy Luncheon. Advance registration is required, and on-site registration is not permitted for this event.


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Presentation Goal/Purpose

Families receiving the most efficient and effective services ensure that we are creating a pathway for children to be provided with the best quality education that is available. The information and resources provided in this training allows Head Start staff to take ownership of the success of their agency. Their understanding of the components of ERSEA and how they play a significant part in the Head Start agency leading this effort and enables them to comply with all federal regulations.

Learning Outcomes

  • Increase efficiency and effectiveness for improving access to services to eligible children and families.
  • Ability to clarify regulations, definitions and interpretations to build consistency and continuity throughout the program
  • Understand eligibility requirements that supersedes the performance standards
  • Increase understanding of interdependence of the recruitment, selection, and enrollment processes
  • Provide strategies to assist agencies in obtaining and sustaining full enrollment
  • Ability to identify and address attendance issues
  • Strategies for full enrollment