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Board Program Governance

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Board Program Governance

Do You Know Your Role & Responsibility?

At The Gravely Group, we believe that there is a critical role that nonprofits play in communities across the nation. Thus it is imperative that a nonprofit Board function at a high level to ensure a clear and strategic organizational direction that supports the agency’s efforts to successfully navigate the challenges, responsibilities and opportunities of a new and changing environment.

During Board Training with The Gravely Group, participants can expect to learn:

  • Understand the importance and the requirements of having a board
  • Identify the individuals who should be members of your board
  • Understand the roles of the board members
  • Understand the importance of creating bylaws
  • Ability to develop and implement bylaws

Why Use this Board Training from The Gravely Group?

  • We prepare your organization to function at a high level
  • We implement processes that enhance Board functioning
  • The training eliminates actions that hinder organizational efficiency
  • We promote achievement of organizational mission and goals
  • The Training supports team building within Boards

Some of the highlights of Board Training from The Gravely Group:

  • Standards of Conduct for Nonprofit Boards
  • Duties of Care, Loyalty and Obedience
  • Comprehensive Bylaws
  • Board Responsibilities
  • Ensuring Fiscal Health & Fiduciary Accountability
  • Team Building for Successful Boards

Why build teams on the Boards of Directors?

  • Instill commitment of staff members. When Board members feel they are part of a team, they tend to exhibit greater allegiance to their colleagues and loyalty to the organization. As a result, board turnover falls and participation satisfaction improves.
  • Tackle complex tasks and projects efficiently. Teams allow large, complicated projects to be divided among staff members based on the specific skills and strengths each member brings to the table. This promotes the best use of resources for the specific project.
  • Generate more and better solutions. Board teams comprised of community leaders with different backgrounds and perspectives tend to look at problems in a variety of ways, resulting in more creative solutions to the problem.
  • Improve productivity and quality. When boards work in teams, are committed to their team mates and feel their team is supported in its efforts by board leadership and productivity