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Effective Meetings

effective meetings training

Effective Meetings

Head Start leaders who attend this workshop will learn their governance roles and how to effectively conduct the business of their policy council/committee. This training will provide attendees with a toolkit for success by providing the necessary equipment to build a strong working relationship with Head Start partners. The Head Start Performance Standards and Robert’s Rules of Order are focal points of this training to ensure councils/committees are in accordance with the Head Start Act.

Participants will be provided with samples of:

  • How to organize and prepare for a meeting
  • Creating meeting agenda
  • Proper manner how to record minutes
  • How to make a motion

Learning objectives:
To provide an opportunity to create a solid framework to bring back to respective governance bodies to ensure program compliance with the Performance Standards.

  • To recognize the roles of Head Start staff as well as parents to guarantee the success of the Head Start Program
  • To rebuild a sense of energy, motivation and confidence with parent policy council/committees
  • To educate participants exactly how:
    • How to make a motion
    • Create bylaws
    • Take meeting notes

effective head start meetings handbook


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