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PFCE – Father Engagement

PFCE – Father Engagement

Responsibility + Positive Relationships

Research supports that parents are the child’s first teachers and play a vital role in the development and growth of the child. The father and other male significant others play a crucial rule. Fathers and male significant others provide strength, stability, and a positive male influence to the family component and to children’s successful growth and development.

Workshop Abstract

This workshop will focus on adjusting to the demand of fatherhood, exercising effective discipline, paternal expectations, maintaining a sense of humor and making the most of the relationship between father figures and children. Also, strategies for developing and enhancing Fatherhood/Male Involvement and Engagement in your agency.

Training Objectives

  • To promote and develop ideas to incorporate Fatherhood/Male Engagement into your Head Start and Early Head Start program.
  • To strengthen and enhance Fatherhood/Male Engagement programs by empowering males in their roles as positive role models, advocates, and leaders.
  • To provide program ideas for developing a strategic plan to involve Head Start staff when engaging parents/fathers that extends and impacts the program and the community.

Expected Learning Outcomes

  • Participants will develop strategies to ensure that Fatherhood/Male Engagement activities are father friendly and centered on male interests and concerns.
  • Participants will learn about resources in the community to assist families in understanding their roles as leaders, positive role models and advocates.
  • Participants will identify goals on a strategic plan to enhance their Fatherhood/Male Engagement activities in the Head Start Facilities.