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PFCE Framework

Head Start PFCE Framework

PFCE Framework

The Head Start Parent, Family, and Community Engagement (PFCE) Framework provides programs with a research-based, organizational guide for  implementing Head Start Program Performance Standards for parent, family, and community engagement.

Your Head Start program is in a unique position to promote children’s well-being – today and in the future – by engaging their parents and families. Parents and family members are the “forever” people in a child’s life. They will shape their child’s sense of self, others and the world over the years and across the miles. As research suggests, when you create positive and trusting relationships with parents and family members, they are more likely to become engaged in their young child’s development and learning.

In this training, you will learn the principles that guide effective PFCE:

Effective engagement depends on our ability to form respectful, responsive relationships with parents, families and community partners.

  • Develop a common understanding of the program foundations and program impact areas and how PFCE practices can be embedded throughout your program;
  • Gather and review data/information on what your program is already doing
  • Talk about where your program is along a continuum of practice strategies
  • Spark new ideas and creative thinking of what you might like to try to do

When the Head Start program is familiar with the principals consider your program’s PFCE efforts in light of the PFCE Framework priorities.

  • Do you adopt a systemic, integrated and comprehensive approach?
  • Do leaders communicate the value, goals and performance expectations of PFCE?
  • Does staff focus on family goals and use data for continuous learning and improvement?
  • Do you provide ongoing training and support so that all staff and volunteers develop the knowledge, skills and dispositions to partner with families?
  • Does your program create a welcoming, respectful and culturally and linguistically responsive environment?

Every Head Start Program that participates in The Gravely Group PFCE training will learn valuable techniques to ensure that PFCE is an integral piece of your Head Start’s quality programming. The PFCE Framework has re-invigorated Head Start internal conversations about building the informal support networks of families in programs, and developing more intentional strategies to assess the progress in these areas. We at The Gravely Group anticipate that your Head Start program will take a step back and learn about PFCE program, then decide how to collaborate and move forward in the best interests of the children and families you serve. We invite you to be open – to your successes as well as areas that need improvement – and take advantage of this opportunity to enhance PFCE in Head Start.