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Relationship Based Competencies

Relationship Based Competencies

This training will focus on the 12 Relationship Based Competencies, and how to effectively make
sure a program is incorporating them into their head start program, while making sure they are
following the head start performance standards.

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this training, participants will be able to: Have a better understanding of
Relationship Based Competencies and PFCE Elements and outcomes, as well as how they a line
with the Head start performance standards. They will be able to make the needed changes and
modifications to their individual programs to provide optimal services and supports for their
Head start families.

Training/ Learning Strategies

Participants will receive a copy of the Head start and Early head start Relationship- Based
Competencies and a copy of The Head start Performance Standards to read through and
reference. This training will also include a reflective practice by debriefing among training
participants at the end of the training session.